Who We Are?

Extraordinary Experiences

Welcome to Grey Skies Holdings. The company is a level 1 BBB EE contributor. We are a procurement and buying company, that aims to provide various companies with quality service. Grey Skies is a company established to better procurement in the modern day. It is a company situated in Johannesburg South Africa. The company strives to deliver good quality goods from the SADC region and even from abroad, as per the needs of the customer. We purchase and procure goods of any nature, locally and outside South Africa.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver all goods in good condition and to the customer’s satisfaction. We give a lead time for each order, from the stage of the order being accepted, we establish the time it will take to reach the customer, and by so doing to eliminate false promises.

Grey Skies strives to be transparent with its clients. Namely:

Our Mission

To be a value for money service provider.To be the most innovative buying service provider in the market. To be a service provider that will always provide quality services to our clients.

Our Mission

We aim to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of professionalism. Our company will continuously strive to be the service provider of choice in the market.

Our Core Values